John Lindahl

21-year-old singer, dancer, writer, and producer John Lindahl is the youngest member of the Elysium family. Many might recognize John from his contribution to Logic’s “Flexicution” and most recently “AfricAryan.” What many might not know is that John’s resume spans far beyond just that. He has worked on music with A-list songwriters and producers including Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Rob Knox, and many others and sang at the Grammys at only 18.

John was first introduced to Logic in 2015 by Bobby Campbell after Bobby and John spent time writing together at Bobby’s studio. Logic was very impressed by the young, charismatic, yet well-rounded musician with a killer falsetto and took a liking to him straight away. Since then, John and Logic have become close friends and together they cannot wait to showcase this combination of raw talent and work ethic to the world.