Damian Lemar Hudson

Damian Lemar Hudson is a true student of music. After first being introduced to the piano at an early age he has since gone on to study formally at the University of Arizona and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in Musical Theatre.

Damian and Logic first met online in 2010 and became friends. They remained in touch and finally met in person a few years later, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 when Logic was in NY for a show at Barclay’s center that they hung out and discussed the possibility of Damian working on the next album.

Damian dropped everything he was doing in NY and came out to Los Angeles with no promises or guarantees. Logic had thought for a long time that he might want to sign Damian to his future record label but after seeing that he could take direction in the studio and delivering on “Black Spiderman” it was certain. Damian is excited to be joining Logic on the road for Everybody’s Tour this summer.