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Logic's highly anticipated Young Sinatra IV has finally arrived and the album isn't lacking on Elysium features. Three of our four artists can be heard throughout the album, showing that the family is as close as ever as we near the end of 2018. 

One of the most standout features on the entire album is John Lindahl on "100 Miles and Running," alongside Bobby and Wale

After getting just a couple more songs deeper into the album, you hear our newest artist Kajo and the Goatman Big Lenbo on "The Adventures of Stoney Bob," a fun yet hard-hitting record that's sure to be a fan favorite. (That other guy spitting heat on the track? That’s Slaydro, one of Logic’s longtime friends and current Weed Manager.)

Check out Young Sinatra IV and let us know your first listen thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.

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07.22 - Irvine, CA // 

07.24 - San Diego, CA // 

07.25 - Phoenix, AZ // 

07.27 - Austin, TX // 

07.28 - Houston, TX // 

Photos by Justin Fleischer


Hey now! We've been waiting for this all week. After a bit of teasing on his Twitter, John Lindahl has released his new music video for "The Feeling" featuring none other than the bossman Logic. The lively visual is a follow-up to the "My World" video released earlier this year. Check out that choreo!

The animation was done by Ryan Livesay and the video was directed by Livesay and Cameron Jesperson.

Who doesn't love music videos from their faves? Give in to The Feeling music video above! 


Over the last couple months, thousands of photos have been taken by Justin Fleischer and Cameron Jesperson of our artists working on their respective upcoming projects. Hundreds of these photos were sent to use on our Twitter and Instagram. Dozens were posted.

But I feel it would be selfish of me not to share some of the ones that don't make the cut, the ones that aren't as caption worthy. 

So as a tiny appetizer for what's to come in the next few weeks, I present to you a more vivid peak behind the scenes. All three Elysium artists have been quietly working on new music just for all of you! I hope you are as excited as all of us are to continue this journey. 


Most people don't truly understand how much goes into filming a music video, especially for an independent recording artist. John Lindahl is bringing everyone behind the scenes of his video for "My World," of of his recent Changes EP.

In four short minutes, watch what John and his crew went through to get those great shots on the rooftop and streets of the Big Apple. Some would say he was not dressed for the frigid weather - I say he was dressed perfectly for one of the first music videos ever released through Elysium. 


As promised, John Lindahl releases the documentary for his Changes EP.

This one hour documentary takes you behind the scenes of John's life and creative process, more intimately than what is usually seen from most artists. Follow John from home to the studio, playing Mario Kart, laying down vocals, working with his peers, and more.

It's a special time to be a John Lindahl fan and an Elysium fan in general, as these personal _ are so much more possible now than they may be five years from now as things grow. Enjoy the documentary above and put your friends on to the musical talents of John Lindahl!


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I hope you're wearing your best dancing shoes because John Lindahl's Changes EP is out and you won't be able to resist the vibes. Changes is a host to six tracks and one feature; enough to satisfy our fans, create new ones, and leave you all wanting more. 

Listen on SoundCloud below, SpotifyiTunes or wherever you stream music and let us know which song is your favorite below or on our Twitter page!


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Get ready and excited for John Lindahl's debut project under Elysium!

The last one to release a project on our roster, Lindahl announced that his Changes EP will drop this Friday, December 8. Back in November, "Contagious," the lead single, was released and we still have the jam in rotation.

Keep it locked to this site and our social networks for the Changes drop. We just can't wait for this one!



With Big Lenbo, Damian Lemar Hudson, and Jessica Andrea all releasing their first projects with Elysium already, that means it's singer John Lindahl's turn.

Today John releases "Contagious," his first single release through the label and the first single from his upcoming Changes EP. He's been teasing the release on his social media platforms (find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook respectively) all week. 

Dance to the "Contagious" vibes provided by John Lindahl on Spotify, Apple Music, or on SoundCloud below!


John Lindahl is the definition of talent. Wielding a killer falsetto, the youngest artist on Elysium is full of life, always singing, dancing, and wanting to make the world a better place. John has been performing since he was five but feels he is just now hitting his stride with his craft. 

Lindahl was inspired by Logic long before they ever met. By working hard and speaking it into existence, John ended up working with Logic on "Flexicution" last year. 

Get to know John Lindahl in his own words below.