Big Lenbo is a voice to let everyone know that it's never too late to follow your dreams. Lenbo's love for 90's era hip-hop blares through the speakers with every track you play. His influences of Redman and Gang Starr's Guru reflect his love for the golden era of hip-hop. 

Lenbo started making music in 2008 and calls music the love of his life. He has been a friend of Logic's for years and feels blessed to share the Elysium platform with his friends and family. 

Lenbo's debut project Strange Days is Elysium's first release. Offering eight tracks, the project is due out Monday (July 3). The "Protect Your Neck" remix was released on Spotify last night. 

Get to know Big Lenbo in his own words below. 

Nanisha Awonohopay

Knowing and working with Logic for over six years, I currently handle the Team Elysium website and social media platforms. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram: @barbiesoxer