Welcome to Team Elysium. A brainchild of his, Logic created the Elysium record label with the ideas of family, trust, and freedom of creativity in mind. Elysium is home to rapper Big Lenbo and singers Jess Andrea, Damian Lemar Hudson, and John Lindahl. As you get to know our four talented artists, you will learn that they are much more than just label mates. 

These are exciting times and we hope you support this journey. We are all a family, yourself included! We are all a part of Team Elysium. 

Watch the video above to get more familiar with Elysium and its artists. 

Nanisha Awonohopay

Knowing and working with Logic for over six years, I currently handle the Team Elysium website and social media platforms. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram: @barbiesoxer